Prepare your car for Spring

As Winter comes to a close here in Southwestern Indiana, we can start to think about Spring preparation for our vehicles.   Its easy to think about getting ready for the cold winter months, but the spring preps can easily be overlooked.   But it shouldn’t.   The vehicles we all own are investments that if properly maintained can last us for many, many years.    Here are some tips to keep your car in the best condition possible as we gear up for Spring.

First and foremost, we highly recommend starting on the outside by getting rid of the dirty grime and salt that has accumulated.    We had a very mild winter here in the Evansville area, however, the dirt and grime along with salt still has accumulated on your vehicle unless you have been keeping it clean.   If you’re like many, that didn’t happen and now is a great time to get it cleaned up.

Make sure your windshield wipers are in excellent condition as its easy for them to become damaged in the cold weather months.   With the Spring rains ahead of us, you’ll need those wipers to be in top form.   We also recommend you check all of your lights to make sure they are working properly and the turn signals blinking.

Be sure to check your engine compartment to ensure your fluids are properly filled and have your air conditioner checked to make sure its ready for the hot temperatures that are ahead.   Don’t forget the belts, hoses and clamps to make sure they are not showing excessive wear.

Check your tires to see if they are wearing properly and if not, you may need an alignment.    If your vehicle is pulling to one side, that could be another sign of needing an alignment.   If your tires are not wearing properly, you may need to do a rotation or in a worst case scenario, its possible they could need replaced.   Either way, your tires should be rotated atleast 2x per year.

If you know how to check all of the above, you are a step ahead of the game, but if not, we recommend you take your vehicle to an ASE mechanic.

Evansville Towing Services will be happy to provide you towing services if you need them, so if that’s the case, please give us a call at 812.630.4537 or fill out the form below for more information.