Fast Towing Evansville

What are you really looking for when it comes to towing service in Evansville? Well, you are probably looking for a company that has a fast response, friendly service, and isn’t going to cost you a massive fortune. Even better would be a fast towing service that is the best price in the business. Well we hear you and we want to let you know that we are the quickest most competitive towing company in the tri-state area. Here is what we have and what we are about. 


  • Several trucks that service the area- This means we usually wont have to wait until the truck is done with one job before it picks up another.
  • State of the art equipment- We have it all from rollbacks to hookups. Our wrecker are the most up to date and well taken care of so we can provide reliable service.
  • A great team- Our crew is trained not only to do the job efficiently but also provide quality friendly service. You want someone who listens to you needs, and isn’t rude. We understand that and we tell our drivers to always be courteous.
  • Honesty- This goes a long way in the world of towing. We make sure you get honest quotes. We won’t hit you with hidden fees. We make sure you understand all costs up front so there are no surprises.
  • Fast Fast Fast- Look, when you are stuck on the side of the road that is the last place you want to be. You got things to do and places to be. We want to get your vehicle to the right place for you so you can get on with your life. Weather it’s to a house, or your favorite mechanic we can get you there in record time.

What kind of trucks can you tow? We can tow almost any type of vehicle. If you have an odd ball or an over sided one it’s always best to call us and we can let you know.

Can you give us an estimate over the phone. Yes, we will give you the cost over the phone so you know what kind of money it will cost before we come out. It’s much easier to make a decision when you know the cost.

Do you do lock outs? At times we will have someone that can help with a lock out, but not always. Many times we don’t have a lock out specialist on hand. We like to focus on our primary business of providing the best towing services possible so please, if you have a lock out, give us a call.

What kind of price are you compared to everyone else? We are always going to be competitive. We know that when you need a tow you are usually in a bad place. We are not the kind of company that is going to take advantage of that. We keep our prices fair and competitive.

How fast can you get to me? This all depends on how many customers we have at the time and where you are located. We pride ourselves in being the number one wrecker company in the area and that includes speedy service. However, there are times when multiple trucks are doing jobs. The great thing about us is that we will let you know over the phone how long of a wait there will be if any.

CALL US TODAY: 812.461.6560